Syros Travel Guide

Syros a glance

Syros covers a surface of 84 square km. Its highest peak is Pirgos at an altitude of 431 meters. The neoclassical port-city of the 19th century, Ermoupolis, and the cycladic style Ano Syra, are built on twin peaks. One is crowned with the church of Anastasis, and the other with St George. 
The northern part is called Ano Meria (Upper Part). It is mainly mountainous, underpopulated and ideal for those who love exploration.
On the island the catholic community coexists with the orthodox one.


Lovers of culture and history will be fascinated by Ermoupolis. The main Miaoulis square, has been gifted with the emblematic neoclassical Town Hall, designed by Bavarian architect Ernst Ziller (1889). The main attraction of the city is Vaporia neighborhood adorned with 19th century mansions facing the water.

Ano Syra

The car-free settlement is serving up Cycladic simplicity in all its stark colorful cubism. Wander the steep alleys for a snapshot of local life and architecture. Pause to enjoy coffee and food at the charming café-bars. Then, climb higher, to visit San George Catholic church, Catholic Jesuit and Capuchin monasteries. In the end head to Markos Vamvakaris square for the most amazing views to Ermoupolis. Famous all over Greece as the patriarch of the “rebetiko” (Greek blues), Markos lived in a humble house nearby.


There are a lot of sandy or pebbly beaches on Syros, all a short drive from Ermoupolis, since this Cycladic island is comparatively small. Some of the best are in the NW, accessible by boat and hiking trails. For a burst of sun and sea (also till late in the autumn and early spring) choose the organized beaches of Kini, Delfini, Agathopes, Galissas, Megas Gialos, Finikas.


Let’s discover the authentic nature of Syros. There is an extensive trail network surrounding the island and experienced guides will take you everywhere. You may also opt for water sports, underwater fishing, riding, cycling. Speedboats will take you to the unspoiled northern beaches to swim in crystal clear waters. Wine trails are also available by a specialized company.   


Concerning dining and coffee in Ermoupolis the action happens mainly along the coastal road. But the real deal is the abundance of cool hangouts hidden in the narrow back alleys and near Miaoulis square. Shopping areas are all over the center.
Beach bars, fish restaurants and traditional Greek taverns, along with all day restaurants-bars operate in the beaches.

Useful information

All you need to know during your vacation in Syros. Service bureaus, police and fire station,  fairy tickets, rentals and more.