Produits locaux

Sweets, cheese, sausages, caper

The famous “loukoumi”
The number one product of Syros available in the local market and all over Greece. “Loukoumi” originated from Asia Minor. Refuges from Chios island imported the recipe in Syros around 1832. The secret ingredient is said to be the water used during the complicated and time-consuming making process of this sweet delight. Apart from water, they are made of starch and sugar. “Loukoumia” are available in various flavors, such as rose, mastic, bergamot, rose sugar, mandarin, almond and many more.
Favorite and popular product of the island, is made from local honey, along with sugar, glucose, vanilla, egg white and almonds.
Local cheeses
The real lure is the famous San Michalli PDO Syros, one of the rarest and most expensive in Greece. It is produced in only two cheese dairies with milk from the few cows living on the island. Featuring a unique spicy taste, with light aromas of hazelnut and nuts, San Michalli  PDO might remind you of the Italian parmesan. Other cheeses are: Cow gruyere, “kopanisti”, fresh mizithra, “petroto”, “xinotiro”, “marathotiri”.
Syrian pork sausages contain fennel and have a distinctive aromatic flavor. Spicy sausages with garlic are also available at the local market.
Dried figs with walnuts
A real superfood. Very nutritious, contains potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, as well as high content of fiber. Ideal all-day snack. Locals also call them “pastelaries”.

We promote local products and use them in our recipes and Cooking Classes


There is also Syros Wine Trails, offering small-group & private tours to explore the wine, food and culture of Syros and Greece. Should you wish to participate, just ask us.

Aromatic herbs & spices

Syros caper
As is the case in many Cycladic islands, Syros produces its own caper & caper leaves. Rich in vitamin E, sweet and salty, exude sea aromas and are ideal for salads and recipes.
Thyme honey
Pure and raw, without preservatives, with a special texture and aroma, is used in various traditional pastries.
Fennel (marathos)
It can be found all over the island. Fennel seeds are used during the production of sausages and recipes. A special pie called “marathopita” is also made from fennel.
Mixtures of Greek organic herbs to enjoy hot or cold.
Aroma: fliskouni, marjoram and Cycladic sage.
Balance: sage Cycladic trilobite and sage common.
Relaxation: chamomile, marjoram and rosemary.
Wellness: Louise and honeysuckle.

Local Wines: Cultivating vines in Syros’s arid terroir, small local wineries produce some excellent wines worth sampling