Cadeaux pour vous et vos amis

Eolia Natural Cosmetics

Our philosophy is to support authentic Greek products. So we chose Eolia natural cosmetics based in Sparta, Peloponnese, for our spa, that you may also buy.
Using natural oils, fruits, herbs, flowers, Eolia produces a variety or moisturizing creams, anti-ageing elixirs, lifting serums, body creams, soaps, tanning oils, mists. All with elegant scents and excellent moisture.
Try the samples in your apartments, feel and smell the essence of the pure Greek nature.
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Hand-made jewels from Kerameio Serifos

This year Captain’s exhibits and sells jewels from Kerameio located in Serifos island. You will find them at the reception.
You may find Kerameio’s ceramics also in Ermoupolis.

Natural Herbs from Syros

Herbs can be found all over Syros island. Being part of our holistic health philosophy we serve and sell these pure herbs in Captain’s.

Mixtures of Greek organic herbs to enjoy hot or cold.

Aroma: fliskouni, marjoram and Cycladic sage.

Balance: sage Cycladic trilobite and sage common.

Relaxation: chamomile, marjoram and rosemary.

Wellness: Louise and honeysuckle.