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Keep Life In Ballance

Once again Captain’s is welcoming the age of wellness travel. So, this year our focus hinges on more personalized services provided in our new Cycladic Wellness Area. A small, cozy place amongst the gardens that will help you unplug and unwind.
It comprises jacuzzi, massage and manicure-pedicure area. Our aim is to revitalize you through a carefully orchestrated blend of treatments and natural beauty products. We use them in our spa and you may also buy them. We ensure that we provide only expert-led treatments.
Sessions are performed not only in the Wellness Area, but also privately in your apartment.

Enjoy the Zen atmosphere of our Wellness Area
A Holistic Wellness Program

Our focus is on longevity and euphoria. So, to full body/face massages and beauty salon services we added new therapeutic and anti-ageing techniques, that enhance our approach to wellness and further improve emotional and physical strength. Such as Bowtech sessions, the Authentic Rejuvance face treatments and the Asyra Pro Device Scan. We can also arrange for personal training and a yoga/Pilates instructor. Our sunrise yoga/Pilates rooftop terrace, along with equipment, are at your disposal.   
Captain’s’ Holistic Wellness Philosophy. Pay attention to simple joys of life: the fresh Aegean Sea breeze, swimming, sunbathing, relaxation. Sample healthy food, herbs, fresh juices. Enjoy our Wellness services and natural beauty products. Experience a metamorphosis from depleted to revitalized!
See, at Captain’s we know how to make people happy!

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Beauty salon services are also offered in your apartment

Treatments & Beauty Salon


Swedish massage 60’
Swedish massage involves soft, long, kneading strokes and slight rhythmic tapping strokes on the topmost layers of the muscles. By relieving muscle tension, Swedish massage can be relaxing and energizing.
Deep tissue massage 55’
It is best for giving attention to certain painful stiff “trouble spots” in the body. Though less rhythmic than other types, deep tissue massage, can be quite therapeutic, relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries.
Aromatherapy 60’
The practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers bark stems, leaves roots, or other parts of a plant, to enhance well-being. The inhaled aroma from these essential oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function.
Back massage 30′
It focuses on the back and relieves the daily stress.
Foot massage 30′
Reflexology pressures to the feet and backside of the legs, for relaxation and pain relief.



Hydration 55’
A mild scrub removes dead cells for deeper absorption of nutritious and hydrating serums. A drainage massage activates the lymph, combined with a special mask.
Anti-aging 55’
Delivers glowing skin and reduces thin lines. Complexion is protected against environmental factors and maintains its youth and glow.
Eye Treatment 35’
Designed specifically for the area around the eyes; it combines masks and lymph massage, ideal to reduce aging signs and remove stress.
Express 25’
Effective results in no time! It refreshes the face, leaving it clean, soft and hydrated. 

Hair Salon
Hair Styling / Hair Spa Treatment.
Beauty salon
Manicure–Pedicure. Nail polish. Spa manicure-pedicure. Leg-wax, bikini and Brazilian wax.  

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Special Gifts

Excellent anti-ageing & moisturizing face and body creams, serums, mists, tanning oils… Try the Eolia cosmetics’ samples in your apartment. They are available on our gift stands in the Wellness Area and reception.