Activités  personnalisés

Discover. Have fun. Exercise.

At Captain’s you won’t need to wonder how to occupy time! Our new digital travel guide is created by Vali Vaimaki, an experienced travel expert journalist who joined forces with us. So just read it and go around the island like …a local.
Syros is also about trekking. Upon request we book guides to will take you off the beaten track to show you the island’s unspoiled beauties. Walk along the same footpaths traveled by the Syros’ inhabitants since antiquity. Guides will share information on the island’s history through landmarks and traditions. Walks are customized according to your fitness level and interests. Specialized gear -hiking backpacks, trekking poles, snorkeling kits- are available for rent.


Sea lovers will enjoy sea sports and speedboat rides with « Perla » to the inaccessible picture-perfect beaches of northern Syros (Grammata, Gria Spilia, Aetos, Lia and others). Or, you may join Apostolis, for underwater fishing. Horse riding upon request.