The high school of Syros

Shortly after the establishment of Hermoupolis, education emerged as one of the first concerns of the island’s residents and local authorities. The founding and operation of the Greek nation’s very first high school on Syros bears testament to the islanders’ resolve for a better education. In 1833, the classrooms of the Hildner Elementary School filled to capacity. One year later, in 1834, the school’s facilities moved to a new building. It had been erected specifically for that purpose and was designed by Bavarian architect Erlacher. Under the guidance of Neophytos Vamvas and Georgios Serouios, the islanders’ vision became tangible fact in the form of that model school in Hermoupolis.

Some of the prominent figures who graduated from Hermoupolis’ High School were, among others, Eleftherios Venizelos, Andreas Syggros, Manos Eleftheriou, Giannoulis Halepas, Kostas Beis, and Konstantinos Volanakis. Today, the building is in use by the University of the Aegean.