Municipal Library

It should come as no surprise that Syros, an island that highly values culture, boasts such an outstanding public library. Bookworms on Syros have their own hangout: the Municipal Library, housed on the ground floor of the Cultural Center on Miaouli Square.

Its rich, extensive collection speaks for itself: among its invaluable possessions are the collections of the old High School Library (1835); the books of Iakovos Rotas, a close friend of Adamantios Korais; the collection of Anthimos Komninos, Bishop of Cyclades (1842), and a comprehensive collection of material from the local Press. However, the Municipal Library unfailingly continues to add modern editions to its shelves, becoming a preferred destination not only for its avid readers but also for Syros’ visitors. Rare editions such as “Argonautica” by Apollonius of Rhodes (1521); “Onomasticon” by Julius Pollux (1608 edition); and “Ioustinianai” by Prince Rodokanakis (a rare Syros edition) are but a few of its hidden gems.