Miaouli Square

Miaouli Square is located in the very heart of Hermoupolis, reflecting in the most spellbinding way the city’s contemporary history. Standing at its center, allow your eyes to rest on the tall palm trees that line the square on all sides and the surrounding buildings: the City Hall, the Cultural Center, the Municipal Library, the statue of Andreas Miaoulis, and the marble music stage with depictions of Apollo and the Muses sculpted in relief.

The square has been known by a number of names in the past, all reflecting its major historical, political and social significance: originally, it was known as “the orchard of the Salahas Family”, then as “Othonos Square”, next as “Leotsakou Square” and, finally, “Miaouli Square”, its current name. Today, that peerless 19th-century square is the meeting place for the residents of Syros and the bustling hub of town life, with a variety of commercial stores, cafés, and bars only a few steps away.