Apollon Theatre

Built on the initiative of Michalis Salvagos and designed by Italian architect Pietro Sampo, the Apollon Theater is, without a doubt, Syros’ crown jewel. Construction began as early as 1864. Its layout was influenced by at least four Italian precursors, among which Milan’s La Scala (1776). Today, even under the adverse conditions facing Greece, the theater continues as the host of the island’s major cultural events. Its stage has seen countless performances (by local, domestic, and international groups) which include operas (e.g., by Verdi), operettas, revues, and memorable plays such as the unforgettable farewell performance given by renowned Greek stage actress Marika Kotopouli.

Simply put, the theater’s interior is spectacular: once inside, look up at the gorgeous vaulted ceiling and admire the wooden loges and elaborate décor. The theater’s otherwise unadorned exterior features a remarkable ensemble of four pilasters crowned by an architrave and four arched windows on the ground floor, contrasting with a rectangular window design on the first floor. A series of indispensable repairs and exhaustive renovation works breathed new life into the theater which, today, is fully operational, keeping the past alive not only as a venue for performances but also as the home of a theater museum.